Getting A Broken Windshield Fixed While You Are Away For Home

Have you ever had to deal with windshield problems? I haven't always been great about fixing my car when I should, but a few months ago I was faced with a serious crack in my windshield. It was really frustrating to know that I wouldn't pass an upcoming safety and inspection test, so I started looking around to see what I could find. I was able to find a mobile windshield repair business that offered exactly what I was looking for, and they came out to help me. This blog is here to help people to know how to get their auto glass fixed and fast.

Getting A Broken Windshield Fixed While You Are Away For Home

15 May 2018
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When you are traveling, either for work or for pleasure and the windshield of your car or truck is damaged, you have to decide if it can wait until you get home to be repaired or not. If the damage is very minor you might be able to just wait, but if it is a significant chip or crack in the glass, getting it fixed is easier than you might think. In fact, you might be able to get it fixed at your hotel or when you stop for lunch or dinner.

Mobile Windshield Repair

Just about everywhere you travel you can find an automotive glass service that offers mobile service. Most will repair or replace the glass just about anywhere you are parked. This service has made it easier for people to get glass repairs done without having to take time out of the day to take the car or truck to the shop and wait while the glass is changed. In some cases, the repair might take 30 or 40 minutes but you can leave the car with the technician and let them do the work while you are doing something else. It is a much more efficient system than those days of sitting in the waiting area at the shop for several hours while the glass is replaced.

Repairing Or Replacing the Glass

How do you know when to replace the glass and when it can be repaired? There is a general rule of thumb you can use to get an idea. If the chip is smaller than a quarter or a crack is less than three inches long, it can most likely be repaired. That is a general guideline and as the technology for repairing glass advances, so too with the amount of damage that can be repaired. One thing to note is that if the crack in the glass extends to the edge of the glass, it is not a good idea to repair it. The crack may be compromising the glass and could allow it to break or fail when it is needed.  Talk to the technician about the damage and they can look at it and tell you whether they can repair it or not.

Insurance Coverage For Repairs

Most insurance companies will cover the repair of your windshield, but there is sometimes a higher deductible on glass breakage. Check with them before assuming they will pay for the repair and check the price for the repair. Often it is cheaper to pay for the repair than to pay the deductible on glass breakage, but check with your insurance company because it does vary from company to company.

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